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If you want to make the journey from founder to CEO, you must always keep your energy up. Otherwise, you won’t be a good leader. In this podcast, I talk with my coachee Katharina and her business partner Michael about the biggest levers in the personal development for leaders.

Working with Volate
is exactly what you need now.

Goal-oriented and

You have a clear goal: Transform from founder to CEO.
You’re looking for a sparring partner who’s as goal-oriented as you are, who guides you through the various steps of the transformation in a structured way. You want sustainable change without detours, and minus all the blah-blah-blah.

Understanding and

You’re looking for someone who knows how you feel.
Someone who understands the pains and joys of growing and what drives you! And who passes on their experience to you. A companion who challenges you as an ex-founder, CEO or COO – at your level.

Pragmatic and

You need proven methods and thought impulses.
You want to learn the toolset and mindset of leadership. You want these applied in an individual and agile way. Not theory and powerpoint battles, but intensive work on you and the system. Step by step input that’s directly implementable.

Our Mission
Anyone can learn to become a CEO and make themselves, their team and their company fly.

The Team

von Wichert-Nick

“I know how you feel,
because I’ve been there myself.”

PhD in business engineering, 25 years of growth experience as CEO, consulting CF, advisory board member and systemic coach. Solon, Affilinet, United Digital Group, P/A, esome, etventure, EY


“Your sparrings partner:
Coach and consultant in one person.”

Graduate mathematician, > 20 years of experience as board member, managing director, consultant and systemic coach of growth companies and digital business models. Solon, Pieroth Wein AG, TeleColumbus

Who we work with


“The journey from founder to CEO is challenging and often lonely. It’s incredibly helpful to have a coach and sparring partner like Dorothea by my side. She listens incredibly well, recognizes the stumbling blocks with ease and forces me again and again to face the hard facts and find practical solutions. Dorothea has been incredible in helping me gain clarity in leadership. With her on board, even our founder breakup turned out to be a productive process. I am grateful that Dorothea accompanies me on my path, often just when I need it most.”

Dr. David Schneider, Founder and CEO of Qualifyze

“We are an incredibly diverse team of founders. For our startup, this is both a curse and a blessing. Our goal: to become a true high-performance team. Dorothea helps us understanding our differences and using them optimally for the good of the company. Every session with Dorothea is an eye-opener, as she unerringly addresses all pink elephants and helps us to banish them. Together we have worked out our values, given each other structures in working together and learned to understand each other better and better. Thank you for the great cooperation!”

Yasha Tarani, Co-Founder and CEO of The Climate Choice

“I am working with Dorothea for 6 months on the organizational and leadership challenges of a growth company. She has helped me tremendously in getting an outside perspective on the challenges we are facing and how to design sustainable and pragmatic solutions.”

Lukas Erlebach, Co-Founder and CEO of Joblift

“Volate is a strong partner when our ventures scale up. In a very short period of time, the teams gain a new level of clarity, sovereignty and leadership, which is directly reflected in the results.”

Michael Ruoff, Partner von Think.Health

“With the rapid growth, we faced two challenges: Establishing the right structures and gaining confidence in management. With Volate’s coaching approach, we address both at the same time and take our management to a whole new level.”

Garwin Pichler, Co-Founder and MD at Preomics

“Most of the coaching I’ve had so far has meandered along. It’s different with Hannes and Dorothea. Here there is a clear goal: to go from founder to CEO.”

Dr. Christopher Kunz, Managing Director at Filoo

Volate isn’t right for everyone.
We’re the right partners for you when  …

You’re looking for a sustainable solution, not a quick one.
The Volate way is one of personal and business transformation. It offers you the time to understand yourself and become a true Growth Leader.

You want to understand your part in your problems.
As a founder, you are your business. Your growth blocks are also your company’s growth blocks. When you solve them, you can take off together: you, your team and your company.

You want to improve the world, not just get rich quick.
People who work with us want to live their own purpose. This is the source of energy that drives them and their team. More money only drives you.

You don’t just see your company as a machine.
Leadership means moving people towards a common goal. That’s only possible if you create trust and promote motivation. That’s not something you can do at the push of a button.

Want to fly with us?

Let’s start today. In a first conversation, we get to know each other and find out where you need the most action and if the Volate approach is the right way for you.

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