You’re in a phase where everything’s changing.
Reinvent yourself: Transform from founder to CEO.

You’re firmly on the road to success – with enthusiastic colleagues and customers. And yet something isn’t right anymore. Something is blocking your progress. Is it you?

Or perhaps you’re still at the very beginning. You’ve got a big dream. You want to lead in a way that allows you to grow sustainably, without getting burned out. But how?

Feels familiar? You haven’t changed anything, and yet all of a sudden, there’s this problem.

You’re losing your energy.
Become the energy source of your team again.

Everything depends on you, you’re stuck fighting fires.
Ignite the enthusiasm of your team and hand over responsibility.

The leadership team has lost its voice.
Grow together and create the company of your dreams.

It all feels disorientated.
Get clarity with an exhilarating vision and clear strategy.

Team spirit is at rock bottom.
Create a growth culture where everyone is inspired to go above and beyond.

You just can’t attract great people.
Become a magnet for people who want to change the world with you.

No matter where you stand, if you want your company to grow, your leadership must change.

As a founder, you’ve created a product that’s conquered the market. You’re a doer, in the thick of it, hands-on.
As CEO, you’re able to create a sustainably successful organization. You design the framework and lead your team into responsibility and success.

The path from founder to CEO is a transformation that you can start at any time.
Volate is right there with you on your journey.

As you grow with your company and learn new leadership skills, you walk the path from founder to CEO. You strive to make the company independent of you, so you can gain entrepreneurial freedom. At the same time you’re realizing your ultimate dream:
You’re creating an incredible company that firmly takes off and makes the world a better place.

The Volate Leadership Approach means:
You work holistically on your leadership role.

You learn to lead yourself, your team and your business.
Entrepreneurs who follow this path with us experience this as a unique, formative experience. Through new leadership skills, you’ll gain a high degree of confidence and ease as you transform from founder to CEO.

Volate is a holistic experience.
Hear how Dorothea describes it.

Leading Myself

Learn to lead yourself. Only those who lead themselves can lead others. Develop the mindset of a growth leader. Reflect on yourself deeply and seek feedback. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Establish your deep purpose and create the company you’re proud of. 

Leading my Team

Master the art of direct leadership. Lead people into responsibility and support their development. Create a high performance leadership team that takes over your job. It’s only when you invest your energies in building people and teams that you can pass on your responsibilities.

Leading my Business

Learn to institutionalize yourself. Give others direction about your big dream. Anchor your values within a strong growth culture. Create clarity about the right structures. Model a company where everyone pulls together in ways that allow you to gain true entrepreneurial freedom.

Want to fly with us?

Let’s start today. In a first conversation, we get to know each other and find out where you need the most action and if the Volate approach is the right way for you.

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