Your development from founder to CEO.
Work on all levers with the Volate approach.

360-Degree Feedback shows you where you are today and how you can develop your leadership skills.

In Team Development, you’ll become a high-performance leadership team and initiate further development of your company.

In our Leadership Coaching you’ll work on your own development, evolve your individual leadership style and solve concrete leadership problems.

You’ll integrate all of these steps in a  Transformation Program. And systematically build everything you need to make your company fly.

360-Degree Feedback
The starting point

You want to transform from founder to CEO. But where are you now? How are you perceived? What can you improve? Once you know your starting point, you can plan your journey. 

With 360-degree feedback, you’ll get comprehensive feedback from your co-founders and leadership colleagues, your team and other stakeholders. You’ll gain clarity about your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Together with your coach, you’ll develop the roadmap for your journey from founder to CEO.


„The Volate 360-degree feedback showed me a completely different picture than I had of myself. Without that outside perspective, I wouldn’t have been able to develop as quickly as I did.“

Chris Heyer
Chief Investment & Partnership Officer Hypoport SE

How does 360-degree feedback work?

360-degree feedback is moderated feedback. It combines a comprehensive survey with in-depth personal interviews. The confidentiality of the process ensures maximum openness when it comes to engagement, and helps you focus on your own challenges.

1. Identification of Reviewers: You’ll designate 8-10 people who are familiar with you in your leadership role. Co-founders, colleagues, employees, shareholders. 360-degrees.

2. Survey: You and your reviewers will answer a comprehensive questionnaire. In the summary of these surveys your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots will be identified. 

3. Deep Dive Interviews: Based on our initial evaluation, we’ll go on to conduct in-depth interviews with 3-4 selected reviewers. 

4. 360-Degree Feedback: The results of the survey and the in-depth interviews will be summarized in a comprehensive development report. 

5. Feedback & Development Plan: In a two-hour session with your Volate coach, you’ll first go through the 360-degree feedback and then develop your personal development plan together.

Leadership Coaching
From founder to CEO

You want to learn to lead the team, the company and yourself. With Volate’s Leadership Coaching, you’ll develop your individual leadership style. 

Through intensive self-reflection you’ll learn to understand yourself and your impact. You’ll learn the basics of leadership and directly applicable leadership tools. You’ll solve concrete leadership problems. After just a few months of working together, you’ll experience a new clarity and ease in leadership and a fresh quality in your leadership relationships.


„Dorothea is understanding and tough at the same time and through her business experience she is realistic and pragmatic!“

Moritz Zyrewitz
Co-Founder von Kolonne Null

How does leadership coaching work?

With Volate’s individual coaching, you’ll embark on a development journey. As long as you consistently approach it step by step, you will reach your goal.

1. At the beginning of the coaching sessions, we will develop your individual development plan and capture it on a personalised tracking board. Ideally, you’ll also do a 360-degree feedback at the same time.

2. We’ll meet every two weeks for 90 to 120 minutes each time. In the sessions, you’ll reflect on yourself, learn pragmatic leadership concepts and work out solutions for concrete challenges.

3. Between sessions, you’ll reflect on your development with regular journal entries and your work in the purpose-designed Volate Workbook.

4. We’ll track your progress together on your tracking board. This way you will take responsibility for your own development.

Learning to lead means creating new habits. And that requires regular, systematic collaboration to which you are fully committed. That’s why we work with retainers in Leadership Coaching.

Team Development
High Performance Leadership Team

Leadership is not a one-(wo)man show. A high performance leadership team is the CEO in large, and the company in small. It multiplies your power and maps the entire company

High performance leadership teams don’t just happen. Work together on the company and solve the big challenges. Work on your collaboration at the same time. This is the fastest way to grow together. Build trust and commitment; learn to resolve your conflicts. Always with your big goal in mind.


„In our team, all the wheels are now working together. I’m so glad we managed to get the team ‘up to speed’ and we all feel comfortable.“

Maike Striffler

How does team development work?

Team development takes place in different formats: facilitated leadership meetings, offsite retreats, or joint leadership training sessions. Here, you’ll solve key leadership issues and learn to work increasingly better together.

1. Leadership Team Kick-off: Building trust, defining collaboration, the overall vision and work plans.

2. Big Dream Development: Understanding what makes dream customers and dream colleagues, developing value proposition, mission and vision.

3. Strategy & Implementation: Deriving strategy and goals, implementing OKR, meeting structures.

4. Leadership: Reflection of the common understanding of leadership, learning of essential leadership tools (communication, transfer of responsibility, feedback etc.).

5. Growth Culture: Development of your values. Development of measures for implementation and anchoring.

6. Organizational Development: Creating organizational clarity, defining key roles, developing impact profiles for key roles.

7. Conflict Resolution: Reflection on team collaboration and further development of team performance.

Your Volate coach supports you by facilitating these topics, creating a safe space for conflict resolution and guiding you through the phases of reflection.

Transformation Program
Make your company fly

Your want to make your company fly – together with the leadership team. Work on all levels: individual leadership, as well as team and company development.

The integrated transformation program interlocks all the dimensions of leadership: You walk the path from founder to CEO. You develop the leadership team and its members. Together you work on the critical growth levers for your business: big dream, strategy, corporate culture, team and execution. All formats are integrated: 360-degree feedback, leadership coaching and team development.


„I now see where my development areas are. We have created our management team as a trustworthy and productive platform for the transformation of the company and we are working on strategic issues in a highly productive way.“

Dr. Christopher Kunz
Managing Director at Filoo 

How does the transformation program work?

Our transformation program extends over 12-18 months. In the process, you work systematically on all levers of leadership.

1. Preparation: You’ll start with 360-degree feedback and a first phase of self-development. Because it’s only if you know where you want to go that you can transform the Leadership Team and the company.

2. Kick-off Leadership Team: After 3-4 months you’ll take the leadership team with you. In the joint kick-off, you’ll reposition yourselves as a team and develop a roadmap for the work on the company.

3. Work Phase: In the implementation phase, you’ll meet monthly for team workshops and work on the company. You’ll systematically address all business growth levers. At the same time, you’ll become a high-performance management team. Because nothing welds a team together more than joint success.

4. Individual development: Parallel to team development, you’ll support the individual development of the leadership team members with 360-degree feedback and individual coaching.

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