Creating Growth Leadership

Volate – From Founder to CEO.

Ready for the next level?

You’ve got a great team. You’ve built a fantastic company. But now it’s getting bigger than you.
Is everyone still working with the same conviction they had at the start? Are your customers still as enthusiastic as they once were? The fun of the first years is over. It’s time to fly. But instead of taking off, you’re in danger of stalling.

95% of scale-ups experience this phase. And you don’t want to be one of them. You want to take your company to the next level. That’s why you’re here.
Volate is the way to make your company fly.

Nothing is as challenging as success.

Feels familiar? You haven’t changed anything, and yet all of a sudden, there’s this problem…

Customer acquisition has become so laborious.
With enthusiastic customers, you could break new ground together.

You’re so full of ideas, you’re not sure what you stand for anymore.
A stirring vision and a clear strategy would bring everything together.

You just can’t seem to hire the kind of A players you need.
You could be a magnet for people who want to change the world with you.

Lack of structure is creating frictional losses.
Your goal is fast timing and a scalable organization that runs by itself.

Growth and margins have seen better days.
You’re striving to raise the stakes in sales performance and margin growth.

You’re on the attack, your team is too.
You know if everyone rises above themselves, you can create great things together.

The founding team seems stuck, dumbfounded.
You long to push through, reach for the stars and build the company of your dreams.

Overcoming turbulence in growth

You’re in a phase right now where everything is changing.
Reinvent yourself!

Learn how to scale your business and re-ignite your entrepreneurial role. Adapt the structures to the growth you’ve gained – from vision to organization to finances. Make the company independent of you. As you grow with your company and learn new leadership skills, you’ll move from founder to CEO. And realize your big dream: You’ll create a fantastic company that will take off, stay in flight, and improve the world.

The dream of freedom is growing too.

The freedom of the entrepreneur is important to you. The freedom of the entrepreneur is important to you. But with success, that dream has become even bigger. You want to be free to choose: do you want to continue to grow with the company? Or would you like the satisfaction of handing it over to a likeminded successor? Does that sound like a dream?
It’s not.

The Volate Approach

We make companies fly.

With the Volate approach, you work holistically on the company and your leadership role. You optimize all six growth levers and bring your company to the top of its game.

Entrepreneurs who take this path with us experience it as a unique, formative experience.  New leadership skills will give you a high degree of security. You will go from founder to CEO. Where just a moment ago stagnation threatened, together with us you will create a momentum that takes your company to a whole new level.

The six growth levers. 1


Unique positioning,
Deep understanding of the client,
Repeatable sales success.

The six growth levers. 2


A big dream,
Forward-looking strategy,
Challenging goals.

The six growth levers. 3


Strong leadership team,
Deeply-rooted values,
Genuine growth culture.

The six growth levers. 4


Clear responsibilities,
A magnet for the best,
High-performance team.

The six growth levers. 5


Fast timing,
Disciplined implementation,
Agile & learning processes.

The six growth levers. 6


Scaling business model,
Sales & margin growth,
Transparent management.

Three steps to success.

1. Get Acquainted

Let’s talk about how you can start. Do you want to address individual growth levers or work on the overall system? What is the right format for you? An initial discussion will quickly show you what will help you best. Where do you stand in the life cycle? What’s next? With the life cycle test, you can locate your company by yourself.

2. Perspectives Workshop

In the Perspectives Workshop, we lay the foundations for working together. What are your goals? How do you work as a team of entrepreneurs? Which challenges of scaling do we need to solve first? Together we will create clarity and develop an individual program that will take you to the top as quickly as possible.

3. Individual Program

In a sequence of tailor-made workshops and individual coaching sessions, you will gradually optimize the growth levers. Multiple concrete solutions and thought-provoking impulses will take you directly to implementation. Before long you’ll feel the joy and relief that comes with sustainable scaling and a new attitude as an entrepreneur.

Do you want to fly with us?

Let’s take off today. In a first conversation, we’ll get to know each other and find out where the biggest need for action is and whether the Volate approach is the right way for you.

Our mission

We partner with entrepreneurs on their way from founder to CEO and help them build the company of their dreams: human-centered, fast-growing, and world-changing.

The Team

“I know exactly how you feel because I was there myself.”

Dorothea von Wichert-Nick

Doctorate in business engineering, 25 years of growth experience as CEO, consulting MD, NED, and systemic coach. Solon, Affilinet, United Digital Group, P/A, esome, etventure, EY.

“My focus: Resilience. For your company, your team, yourself”

Julius Bachmann

Expert in Entrepreneurial Finance & Growth, investor, systemic coach, consultant for international venture capital funds & family offices, numerous interim CFO mandates, VC expert at the European Commission. Redstone, Joyance Partners, EY, Earlybird.

Pragmatic, experienced, successful

Volate is exactly what you need right now.

Pragmatic methods

You need proven methods and thought-provoking impulses to optimize all the growth levers – and to grow yourself. Individually tailored. With agile applications. No theory and slide battles, just active work on the system. Step by step, directly implementable the next day.

Experience and understanding

You’re looking for someone who understands how you feel! Someone who knows the pain of growth, but also the intense gratification of success! Someone who has experienced what works and shares this experience with you. A coach who is really on the same level as you – an ex-founder, CEO or CFO.

Successful Flying

You want to get to the next level.
The next level with your company and the next level as entrepreneurial personalities. Ideally with a partner who believes in you and your methods so much that they’re willing to take entrepreneurial risks. Together with you.

References – We fly with Volate


“With the holistic Volate program we are completely repositioning ourselves: As a company, as a management team and also as the leader of the company. The sessions are challenging and take us huge steps forward. Really mindblowing! We are grateful to have Dorothea on our side as a sparring partner in this process.”

Kasper Neftel, Founder and MD of Roba Impact

“Dorothea is a true leadership role model for me: open, inspiring, challenging and always human. With her as my mentor, I have a perfect start in managing my own company.”

Andreas Dorner, Founder SalesUp

“With the rapid growth, we faced two challenges: Establishing the right structures and gaining confidence in management. With Volate’s coaching approach, we address both at the same time and take our management to a whole new level.

Garwin Pichler, Founder and MD of Preomics

“Volate is a strong partner when our ventures scale up. In a very short period of time, the teams gain a new level of clarity, sovereignty and leadership, which is directly reflected in the results”.

Michael Ruoff, Partner of Think.Health

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Strong entrepreneurs not only make their companies grow, they also grow themselves.

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