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From founder to CEO
Learn to lead.
Become a Growth Leader.

Your Challenge

Reinvent yourself:
You’re in a phase where everything’s changing.
Transform from founder to CEO.

You’re firmly on the road to success – with enthusiastic colleagues and customers. And yet something isn’t right anymore. Something’s blocking your progress. Does that sound familiar?

Or perhaps you’re still at the very beginning. You’ve got a big dream. You want to lead in a way that allows you to grow sustainably, without getting burned out. But how?

No matter where you are, you know that if you want your business to grow, your leadership needs to change. The journey from founder to CEO is a transformation that you can begin at any time. Volate is with you on your journey. 

Our Solution

The development from founder to CEO is a holistic transformation process. For you, your team and your business. 
Work with Volate on all levers.

Our Solution 1

360-Degree Feedback

Start your journey with the ultimate leadership feedback.

Our Solution 2

Leadership Coaching

Go from founder to CEO and solve concrete leadership challenges.

Our Solution 3

Team Development

Become a high performance leadership team and accelerate your business.

Our Solution 4

Transformation Program

Create the company you dream off. Coaching, strategic work and team development perfectly integrated.

Volate News

Volate in the “Lebensunternehmer” Podcast

In his podcast, Johannes Ellenberger talks to people who live a self-empowered and joyful life. If you want to know what drives Dorothea with Volate, this is the podcast for you. (German)

Why Volate

The cooperation with Volate
is exactly what you need right now.

Goal-oriented and focused

Sparring with an emphasis on the goal: Moving from founder to CEO.

Understanding and challenging 

We are your companions, right on your level. We know exactly how you feel. 

Pragmatic and

Mindset and toolset in action. Proven methods, optimised and clear.


Vom Gründer zum CEO.
The Leadership Book for Founders

Based on her extensive experience as CEO and COO of growth companies, Dorothea von Wichert-Nick shows founders how to acquire the key skills they need to lead a growth company.

„No leadership blah-blah, but tangible tools and tips for practice. I find the many practical examples particularly helpful. This is someone who really speaks from experience.“

Philipp Westermeyer, Serial Founder
and CEO of OMR/Ramp106


Trainings, workshops, lectures.
New impulses for you!

Dorothea’s inspiring trainings, lectures and workshops around the leadership of growth companies instruct and captivate her audiences.
No matter if you’re a startup or a corporate, a founder or CEO, Dorothea has been there herself and knows the challenges you face – the business challenges, as well as the personal ones.


Strong entrepreneurs make their companies grow and outgrow themselves.

Just like us, you’re naturally curious and always seeking and exchanging new ideas.
That’s why we find it so rewarding to share our inspirations on key growth topics in the blog. It’s also why we’re so grateful for any tips you’d like to contribute. (German only, Sorry!)

Want to fly with us?

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