Dorothea inspires her audiences with her captivating workshops, trainings and lectures around the leadership of growth companies.

No matter whether it’s a startup or corporate, founder or CEO….
Dorothea has been there herself and knows the challenges. The business challenges, but also the very personal ones.

With her holistic leadership philosophy, Dorothea supports founders and leaders in achieving sustainable growth: for themselves, for the people in their teams and their companies.


Sexy or Sustainable: „With her great talk Dorothea shows how entrepreneurs can transform their business models – and be both sexy and sustainable. Seven thought-provoking points, all to the point and backed up with practical examples. A real highlight.“

Dirk Müller, Managing Director Schacht One Innovation GmbH

David and Goliath: “With her presentation, Dorothea held the mirror up to my eyes in many places. This food for thought really inspired me to reflect on my company in a new way. Such insights from the outside are enormously important for young founders.“

Christian Schieber, Founder & CEO Technology, Bytabo

From Founder to CEO: „Dorothea managed to pick up a very heterogeneous audience of young founders and very experienced executives exactly where they stood and set new, very inspiring impulses for all participants. Her practical stories make her thought-provoking ideas very tangible and facilitate implementation in the long term.“

Martin Giese, Managing Director Xpreneurs incubator and author of “Startup Finanzierung”

Leadership Workshops


Volate Leadership Training at HTGF

Understanding leadership, transferring responsibility, feedback, 1:1 meetings … Within one day, founders from HTGF learn the basic skills for their journey from founder to CEO.

In our leadership workshops and trainings you will actively deal with essential leadership topics. It’s the perfect introduction to your leadership development.

Leading into responsibility.

Handing over responsibility is a fundamental leadership challenge. This workshop introduces the basics of personal responsibility and presents a pragmatic, immediately applicable instrument for the transfer of responsibility. Discussion and practical exercises are included. 

From founder to CEO.

You want to scale your business, evolve from founder to CEO. But what does that mean? How deep does the change go? What do you need to learn? In this workshop you will reflect on the special leadership challenge of scaling and learn what mindset & toolsets you need to successfully lead your team and business to scale. 

Feedback that gets through.

Feedback is the most ambivalent of all leadership tools: Everyone knows how important it is, but no one really wants to give or take it. The power of good feedback – how to give and take it, and what makes up feedback culture – is the focus of this practical session. A well rounded module with enough space for exchange and practice.

Lectures & Keynotes

In her lectures and keynotes, Dorothea von Wichert-Nick shows what makes leading growth companies special. 
Inspirations for founders, investors and transformation leaders 

From founder to CEO.

Becoming a CEO is a decision, not a destiny. It’s a high-return decision. Companies led by founder-CEOs are particularly successful. Learn about the 5 key skills that transform you from founder to CEO and elevate your company to lasting heights.  

Create a culture of growth.

Great companies have strong cultures. Each one is special, as individual as their founders. Yet they have a common denominator: the Eight Virtues of a Growth Culture.  Learn how to make these 8 virtues a reality in your business.

Make David and Goliath the dream team.

80% of corporate-startup relationships fail. They don’t have to. This talk highlights the three biggest challenges in the “David and Goliath” relationship, and how to pragmatically overcome them. An exciting talk for corporates and startups who want to transcend their challenges together

Sexy or sustainable –
7 theses for sustainable successful innovation.

Sustainable and successful innovation is not a question of the right business model, it’s a question of leadership. It entails clear vision, commitment, your own resources and a culture that sees the journey as the destination. This keynote is for companies that want to create a sustainable future orientation beyond the bullshit bingo of innovation.

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