Lifecycle check – Find out where you stand.

Do you feel alone with the challenges of your business? In No Man’s Land? You’re not alone. That’s how it is for everyone who comes out of the first growth phase.

You have a great vision, you want to improve the world and build a good, human-centered company.
Built to last, not built to sell.
That’s what you set out to build.

The departure. A lot of work, not much money. With a small, strong team you work day and night and hustle hard to find product-market fit.

Finally, you win your first customers, innovators like you. Time to take off. Sales are picking up, great enthusiasm all round. You are the greatest and show it to the whole world.

Until growth threatens to swallow you and nothing seems to fit anymore. The quality falters, sales stagnate, the team is bitchy, the founding team is speechless. The blows of the turbulences hit hard. Don’t lose sight of the destination. Set a clear course, and fly to the next level.

Now you’re transitioning from founder to CEO. You leave the engine room to the team. As  navigator, you ensure alignment and scalability.

Finally, the time has come: You’re above the clouds, flying high. Everything is running smoothly, customers and employees are enthusiastic, the company stands on its own two feet. Never before has your company been worth so much – which now gives you not only financial freedom, but entrepreneurial freedom.

In theory, it could stay like this forever. Provided you stay agile and constantly question yourself. But don’t oversteer, don’t introduce too many processes and management systems, or you’ll end up in the waiting loop very quickly, and have to regain your speed before you can push ahead.

Where do you stand in the life cycle? What’s next for you?